For Distributors and Brokers

VedAroma Essential Oil bottles and kalash shaped information card on a gold floral backbround.

Welcome to the power and purity of precious VedAroma Essential Oils.

Maharishi Aroma Therapy uses ancient wisdom to promote holistic health and well-being. Maharishi Aroma Therapy starts with essential oils—the innate ‘essence,’ ‘life force,’ or ‘soul’ of the plant—which is present in the plant’s flowers, fruits, leaves, branches, seeds, root and rind.

VedAroma Essential Oils are sourced from the best organic producers from many countries around the world. The producers are usually small family enterprises that take the extra care necessary to grow and distil the oils according to organic standards.

We seek distributor and broker partners who want to profit from an association with the world’s premiere Essential Oils brand. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discuss how we can partner.

Please send us an email at if you are interested in becoming a distributor of VedAroma Essential Oils or Vedic Aroma Perfumes and we will be in touch soon.